1979 :: Special Forces

The Angolan Civil War was a proxy that began in 1975 and continued into 2002. South African high school graduates had to go to military duty and fight in the war. The United States proxied South Africa and Israel to fight Russia through their proxies of Cuba and Angola. In 1978 went to boot camp in Upington. After four weeks or so Special Forces arrived from 1 Parachute Battalion arrived. I passed a precursory selection and went to Bloemfontein in C Company under Captain Blaau and Colonel Archie Moore. Upon making Parabat Special Forces, I went to Oudtshoorn Officers School. Then to Recce 1 Selection under Major Murphy, in Durban. After a parachute accident I went to Paarl hospital. In November 1981 I arrived in the US and ran the 800M under Coach Joe Douglas of the Santa Monica Track Club, PR. 800m 1:52.2. Here I ran with David Mack, Johnny Grey and my high school friend from South Africa Mark Handlesman who represented Israel at the Olympics in Los Angeles

1974 :: 1978 King Edward VIIth High School

King Edward the VIIth is an all boys institution in South Africa form the late 1800's. Parents from South Africa, the United Kingdom, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand spend years making sure their boys have a shot and being accepted. The school is incredibly strict, steeped in tradition and ensures that it continues its tradition of creating the countries best judges, justices, medical doctors and scientists.

When Nelson Mandella was released and became President of South Africa, one of the first institutions he visited was King Edward the Viith. See here

1967 - 1973 :: Penzance Primary School

Penzance Primary School is among the leading primary school in Durban. Established in 1920 with just 54 pupils on the register, the school has grown to become one of the most stimulating and supportive learning environment. Penzance Road Government School officially opened its doors on the 16th of February 1920. Mr. Lionel Day was appointed headmaster. The school opened with 54 pupils on the register. When the school was built it was surrounded by bush and the road to Umbilo was a sandy one. There was only the front portion of the school.

1961 - 1966

My early years were happy as I was transitioned between my mother and my grandmother who had a miscarriage of twin boys a few months before I was born. Yes. I was spoiled.

Rory lewis and his mother
Mom and I
Rory Lewis and Adeline
Mom says I was very shy!
Rory Lewis, 22/08/1965

Born :: 25th November 1960

Born in Colonial South Africa with its strict British protocol in South Africa's wild bush was a beautiful time.