Course Description

Welcome to BLAW 2010. By the time you leave this class you will know how to communicate with lawyers regarding intellectual property law and basic business law. We will focus on Intellectual Property Law and really get into the nuts and bolts. You will have had experience protecting your intellectual property rights, be it in a court proceeding, a deposition or in arbitration. I look forward to our time together!

Student Assignmnets

Homework assignments will be delivered in class and sometimes randomly handed out in class and are not posted – it your responsibility to attend every class and keep up on coursework.

Grading Policys

Final course grades will be determined based on the following approximate percentages:

    In-Class Quizzes & Interactive Participation: 30%

    Patent: 15%

    Midterm Exam: 25%

    Final Exam- 30%

Makeup Exams

No makeup exams or quizzes will be given. If the student is unable to take an exam due to extreme circumstances, the student may, at my discretion, take the exam early. On-time completion of assignments will be critical to the student’s success in the class. Ten points are given above the 100% to compensate for unforeseen circumstances.


Students are expected to come to class on time, prepared to participate, and to read the assigned material before class. Should a student miss a class, it is the student’s responsibility to acquire class notes from a fellow student. Some important material covered in the lectures will not be contained in the text, and selected material from the text will be augmented and emphasized in the lectures. No makeup exams or quizzes will be given.


In the event of a class cancellation on an exam or assignment due date, students should assume that the exam will be taken, or the assignment will be submitted the following regular class time.