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Rory Lewis JD PhD

Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science

Engineering Building, Room 188
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918, 719.255.3149
Email :: Website
GitHub :: Google Scholar

Prof. Lewis is the Program Director: Masters of Computer Science. He is the recipient of Outstanding Achievement: Teacher of the Year. College Of Engr, Computer Science. He is the recipient of Outstanding Achievement: Inventor of the Year CU. University of Colorado, for his work in computational neurosciences. He is also the recipient of the “Innovations in Scholarship for Inclusiveness.

Prof. Lewis is the director of Machine Learning for the neuroICU ward at University of Colorado Hospital at Anschutz Medical School. Prof. Lewis has Secret Clearance and is the Senior Scientist at the United States Airforce NM2 laboratories developing artificial intelligence for i) Intelligence Surveillance & Recconnaissance (ISR), and ii) swarms of unmanned drones at the Pentagon in Washington DC and 10th Division Special Forces. His research lies broadly in creating machine learning that predict events in time-variant signal analysis in neurosciences and other complex systems. Prof. Lewis currently focuses on bringing machine reasoning and machine consciousness into computationlal neuroscience and military humanoids. [CV]

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01. Mr. Robot

Well, duh. USA's Mr. Robot is probably the most accurate and detailed dramatic portrayal ever made of current hacking practices and hacker culture. Its depiction of the cybersecurity community and its broader meditation on the relationship between humans and technology isn't perfect. (Not to mention that Season 2, which aired this year, had some narrative issues.) But overall the show is compelling and full of delightful references and winks to the cybersecurity subculture.

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02. Snowden

The story of whistleblower Edward Snowden is the most dramatic spy story of the decade. An Oliver Stone biopic was inevitable. So here it is. As movies almost always do, Snowden eliminates the nuance from this complicated and controversial story, painting Snowden as a hero and the National Security Agency as a one-dimensional villain. But as WIRED pointed out when the movie debuted, Snowden is important because it's the accessible version of events that many Americans will remember.

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03. Person of Interest

It's not every day that a network drama puts the ethics and repercussions of bulk surveillance at the core of its premise, but CBS's Person of Interest managed to do it successfully. The show combines government surveillance to stop terrorist attacks with an eccentric hacker billionaire and vigilante justice. It even grapples with questions of how an artificial intelligence evolves and incorporates biases. Person of Interest is particularly known for airing a prescient episode in 2012 about a National Security Agency whistleblower very similar to Edward Snowden.

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